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tehentertainers's Journal

The Entertainers
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Welcome to the real Entertainers.

agloriousday (11:21:47 AM): I AM NOT JOINING a community mocking another community that all it does is mock people!

We review here constantly. And we hate each other most of the time. We change hate-buddies frequently. The one thing we all have in common is that we have huge e-egos.

We are willing to review your journal, if you ask us to. We will review your writing skills if you submit a sample of poetry or prose. We will review your hotness if you provide images of yourself. We will review your comedy skills. We will review the manner in which you go about hating another LJ user. We will review your ability to give advice. We will review your photoshop skills if you submit a picture of a fatty with joffy's head attached. We will review your ability to mock us.

Please just make a post directing our attention to what you want reviewed.

Anyone can comment anywhere and anyone can post. We are not elitists. We welcome trolls. Witty trolls are preferred and we will troll back unwitty trolls until they make an emo post stating how much we have affected their real lives.

The four tiers of membership of tehentertainers:


sahara_dreams - the mistress of LOL
ashcanprobably - luis (a pirate's life for him)


pheonix_blade - not sure if he should insult us or not, yet
mengus - has a bigger cock than pdanielson
happy_bday_ari - the highest functioning idiot on the face of the Earth.
duxwig - but why would a duck wear a wig?
the_mod_ - photoshop sideshow act

Honorary Members

joffy - just annoying


There will be a minimal amount of squids accepted here, who didn't get accepted by the initial reviews, who don't fit in any other category.


Sean Freeman: come home.
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